Wirral New Music Collective"

Wirral New Music Collective


WIRRAL NEW MUSIC COLLECTIVE is an independent group of record labels, music writers, promoters, visual artists, artist managers, magazine publishers and musicians who believe in music’s power to shape a new future for Wirral.


Thanks to The Beautiful Ideas Company and Wirral Borough Council, we were able to set up a Live Music Innovation Fund in the summer of 2018 which provided a series of £500 grants for local musicians, promoters or music lovers – anyone with a great idea – to put on an innovative live gig in Wirral this summer.

Looking for the most ambitious, outlandish, interesting and fantastic ideas, we fixed upon five events that fit the bill, all taking place in intriguing venues that showed an innovative use of space and perspective.

Along with the support of the Wirral New Music Collective, the people behind these events have been helped to realise these projects, showing the amazing breadth of creativity and ingenuity that exists in the area.


Over the space of eight weeks during summer 2018, five shows will take place under the Wirral New Music Collective banner, showcasing not only the wealth of ideas and artists that call the peninsula home, but also a number of buildings that are ‘hidden gems’ in Wirral’s crown. See below for further line-up details and ticket links.

Beija Flo
Get It Loud In Libraries, Sunday 8th July @ Birkenhead Central Library | Doors: 2.30pm (matinée show)

Eyesore & The Jinx, Beija Flo, Bill Nickson, SPQR, Sam (Jo Mary, solo piano set)
Saturday 4th August @ Fresh Goods Studios (Maddock Street, Birkenhead)

St. Jude The Obscure
Saturday 18th August @ Birkenhead PriorySOLD-OUT

TVAM, Breakwave, S>>D, Reedale Rise, Isocore, Lo Five, Melodien, Field Lines Cartographer, MT Hall, Dalham, Bye Louis
Saturday 25th August, 11am-11pm @ Birkenhead Priory | Tickets: £8 advance

The Coral, Tim Burgess And The Anytime Minutes, The Mysterines, The Fernweh, Marvin Powell, Niamh Rowe, Cut Glass Kings
Saturday 1st September @ Leasowe Castle | SOLD-OUT


Wirral New Music Collective is an informal collection of music professionals – promoters, music writers, record label owners, visual artists, artist managers, magazine publishers and musicians – who believe in music’s power to shape a new future for Wirral. Our borough has an enviable music heritage and an unrelenting capacity to produce nationally and internationally significant artists. Yet, at present, we don’t have a single live venue dedicated to new music and little infrastructure to support the local music community.

Wirral New Music Collective is here as a first step to change this.

Starting with the Live Music Innovation Fund, we will be putting the focus on Wirral as a vibrant place with music at its very core.

If you wish to get in touch with us, email us at info@wirralnmc.co.uk